• Just one hat dontated can make you a Knitwit! - You will get the knitwit pin.
  • No two hats are the same - even in the same colors
  • Five hats gets you the cool White teardrop pendant for your Knitwit pin.
  • 15 hats gets you the Red teardrop pendant for your Knitwit pin.
  • 25 hats gets the Green teardrop pendant for your Knitwit pin.

Here is how this works:  

Want to be a Royal  Knitwit?

We will have yarn packs perfect for making a hat, free for those that want to try - and patterns here.  You will need size seven needles (16" round work best), a yarn needle, and scissors.  Each hat is made from 80 yards of washable yarn, usually scraps from other projects.  You can use your own yarn, or pick up a donation pack from the Royalty Room at any event the Majesties are at.   Click here for easy instructions for beginners and experienced alike.  Don't be shy, even fighters can learn this skill, faster than a good wrap shot.

Go ahead, give it a try! We are a teaching society!

Want to donate scrap yarn to the project?

Every fiber geek out there has extra yarn......and much of it will nevr be used.  What better way to get rid of your old scraps and yarn that you have moved on from  - before you fell in love with those all natural non machine washable fibers?  Measure them out in lengths of 20 yards, and ball them up, and put four in a sandwich bag.  Or, if that's to much, just donate them to the knitwit factory (at the Royalty Room), and we will do it for you.  Wild color combinations are fine, worsted weight is best. 

Can you teach someone to knit?

Teach 5 people to knit, and have them turn in one hat and you too will be listed as one of our Knitwit teachers.  Teachers get an additional black pendant to hang on their knitwit pin.  Teach 10 and get the black pendant with a gold bead, AND if you have 5 of your students become teachers - you get a spiffy Knitwit knitting bag.

Make sure your student turns in your name as a teacher when they collect their Knitwit pin!

So what's in it for me?

Besides the cool feeling that you are doing something great?  You can learn a new skill, teach a person a new skill, get the cool knitwit pin, get rid of old yarn that clutters the palace, help a child or cancer patient and all round have the undying gratitude of your Royal Family.  How's *that* for something that will only take a few hours of your time?!!

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